Jan - Mar 2017

INFO365 Class Project

Mobile App Design


Lead Designer

UX/UI Design

Visual Design






about airus

Build an entire mobile OS from the ground up, creating a unique design language to start. Take cues from iOS/Android, but strive for originality and a "think outside the box" mentality. Design 10+ system apps to showcase your OS. With that prompt in mind, off we went.

This was a quarter-long project alongside 5 other developers/designers/friends under the mentorship and tutelage of veteran mobile designer Brian Fling (LinkedIn).

This is how Airus was born.


00Vision Statement

Airus Design is focused around a metaphor for the sky: its vast and endless potential, the soothing sight of clouds and birds, the cool nourishment of oxygen filling your lungs. Our vision is to capture the connotations of the effortlessness of the sky by emphasizing objects as feather-light, minimizing cognitive overload and visual noise with negative space as pleasing as pinwheels.



01Initial Mockups

With our vision in mind, we began with sketching out ideas that captured the essence of Airus. We even went as far as to sketching the physical device we had hoped for Airus to be on, a 16:9 bezel-less slab of high-tech glass. Initial ideas of a pinwheel incorporating UI further shaped our visual and design language.



02UI Kit



The basis of our OS is efficient multitasking with the use of a pages-like flow between apps. This keeps for smooth navigation across the device, leading to a fluid user experience.





Immerse yourself in the content found across the web with an aesthetic that is both stylish and functional. Toolbar and action bar colors vary based on the specific page's dominant color schemes.

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Stay organized and on top of your game with our sophisticated yet bright calendar app. Full customizability allows for our users to feel organized and in control.






Phone + Contacts

Phone dialer and contact list in one, combined app. Access the other within the context menu up top. Two birds, one stone. Efficient. It's what we do.






A simple messaging app kept traditional. But do it in style, won’t ya? Keyboard color changes shade based on the app.






Again, mail app kept traditional. Why fix what isn't broke, right? Color accents add a touch of flare to the mundane task of going through your emails.






Travel in style with our Maps app. Designed with our users in mind and kept ultra intuitive, yet stylish, too.






Visualization bars. The DJ isn’t the only one that loves them. Make it yours with elements that change color based on what you play.





Gallery + Camera

Take pretty shots. See pretty shots. Fully immersive with our device's bezel-less display.






Store your credit/debit/gift cards, send money, budget funds, pay off your student loans. Neatly put into one powerful app.






Weather kept simple. Only the necessities. Don’t leave the house without an umbrella. Don’t have a phone without this app.





To date, this project has been my favorite I've had the pleasure of doing at the UW. My interests in UX/UI/Visual design were all accounted for in full. The course was structured to be as close to real life as possible, giving us a quarter to design the entire OS. Each app was graded on a 5 star scale, exactly like how it is in an appstore. Through this course, my dream to become a full-time UX/UI designer was solidified.

Working as my team’s lead designer, I experienced first-hand the demanding life of a designer. The course was difficult overall as it strived to emulate the real world, forcing us to deal with time-management, communication, and team-related issues, all while delivering high quality designs. We left the course as the third-place team out of five and a portfolio piece that we were all extremely proud of.